Weather in Hawaii, is it Perfect?

Many people around the world question whether the weather in Hawaii is perfect. Having been there myself, I can only say that it about as close to perfect as you will find. The weather in Hawaii generally hovers around eighty degrees during the day and dips down to around seventy at night. This is true in both the winter and the summer. Because of Hawaii’s tropical location in the middle of the ocean, the weather is very predictable and mild. Only very rarely will storms come in and disrupt this island paradise.

Weather in Hawaii at Night

Nights in Hawaii are very mild and offer some of the best views of the stars in the world. Because it is so remote there is very little background light to drown out the stars. Sitting on the beach at night with a nice glass of wine, one can fully take appreciate the weather in Hawaii. A nice basket for a picnic, maybe a radio, and the company of a loved one can make this experience complete. You do not have to take my word for it, simply go online and find the forecast for the upcoming week, month, whatever and you will be amazed at the predictability and perfection of the weather in Hawaii. There simply is no place else in the world that has the consistently nice weather that you can find in Hawaii. If you want, you can also look for forums with people talking about weather and you will always see Hawaii listed at the top. The only way to truly experience the weather in Hawaii is to go there. Do not bring pants, unless you really want to, as you will not need them. The best thing about the weather in Hawaii is how predictable it is. You can literally set your watch as to when it will rain. Sunsets are gorgeous and seem to go on forever as the Sun slowly dips into the ocean. Get a ticket and go there yourself to truly experience perfect weather. Flights leave daily from the continental United States and are surprisingly affordable. Once there, go straight to the beach and bask in the warmth that is weather in Hawaii. I have been many times and every time I am still impressed at how truly nice the weather is. Nothing on this planet comes close. As a matter of fact, I am planning my next trip right now to go out and enjoy the perfect weather in Hawaii.

Campuses Of The University Of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii offers a world class educational experience with all the advantages of island life. Uniquely positioned between the continental United States and the Asia Pacific islands, the student body of the University of Hawaii is diverse and international.


Students who decide to matriculate at the University of Hawaii can choose from ten different locations when deciding which campus to attend.

*Manoa is located just above Waikiki. This is the University of Hawaii's oldest campus and the largest one. Students may pursue undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Athletes may be most interested in the Manoa campus, because their NCAA Division I athletic program is nationally ranked.

*The West Oahu campus has the lowest university tuition of all the University of Hawaii campuses. Students who are paying their own way through college will appreciate this, as they will have fewer student loans to pay off after graduation. This is a great campus for non-traditional students who are starting college later in life, or who are going to college while working full time. Many online courses are available during the day, evening, and weekends. A new campus in Kapolei is scheduled to open next year.

*Honolulu has facilities for programs in the fields of aeronautic, marine, automotive, and heavy equipment studies.

*Kauai offers courses in fields of study in such areas of study as business, hospitality, health, early childhood education, and liberal arts. This campus is a primary resource for island visitors who wish to visit the University of Hawaii.

*Maui is located on three islands! This community college has education centers on Hana, Lanai, and Molokai.

*The Hilo campus of the University of Hawaii is a natural place to study volcanoes and oceans. Students can choose from undergraduate and masters degree programs in these fields of study.

*Hawaii campus, located in Hilo, is a community college offering more than 30 different non-credit, certificate, and degree programs in vocational specialties and trades.

*Kapiolani, located near Waikiki on the slopes of Diamond Head, is the largest community college in the University of Hawaii system. Programs offered include business, hospitality, and arts and sciences.

*The Leeward community college overlooks Pearl Harbor and has an education center that also serves the Waianae area.

*Windward community college is located at the base of the Koolau mountains in Kaneohe. This college specializes in creative arts, and artists, musicians and other creative types will find an academic home at Windward.

With these ten campuses, the University of Hawaii offers something for everyone.

Things To Do In Hawaii Away From The Beach

Hawaii and its other islands are very well known for water sports activities. Since they are islands, you can expect many different and unique water sports activities. There are some things to do in Hawaii that are not related to water. These things to do in Hawaii are actually a lot and can also satisfy those individuals who prefer to stay out of the water and away from the beaches.


Other things to do in Hawaii without getting wet can include tours around the island. There are several ways to get to see the many beautiful spots of Hawaii on land. These include horseback riding, ATV tours and also going around the island on your own with a map and a car. Both horseback riding and ATV tours have specific trails where you can go around on your won or on a guided tour. These two things to do in Hawaii are ideal for those who love spectacular views and breathtaking sights of the archipelago and the mountains.

Helicopter tours are also available for those who wish to get up close and personal with the volcanoes that form the islands. These are among the most exciting things to do in Hawaii and also one of the more expensive ones. There are many different helicopter operators to choose from and also several different tours packages to see. You can also spot whales from the helicopter ride which can be combined with the volcano package.

Bike tours are among the many things to do in Hawaii and they are available for those who wish to see the island using their own steam. Bikes of all shapes, sizes and specifications are available for rent at the many different tours operators in the islands. You can go solo, on a guided tour or just pedal with your friends.

Spas And Golf

Hawaii is full of spas and wellness centers that focus on getting you sorted out and distressing you with many different kinds of massages and aromatherapy. Things to do in Hawaii that focus on spas range from foot massages to facials and having an overall good time at the spas. The massages come in many different kinds and vary with their mediums and techniques. Hawaii is also well known for its golf courses. These scenic gold courses dot the islands of Hawaii archipelago and give many a visitor a chance to play the game at a leisurely pace.

There are so many things to do in Hawaii that you will need longer time to take part in all of them. The things to do in Hawaii will lure you to go back to the islands over and over again.

Information on a Popular Hawaiian Sport: Maui Hawaii Surfing

Maui, otherwise known as the Magic Isle of Hawaii, is a truly incredible and breathtaking place. The scenery here is superb and the activities endless. The landscapes are soft and serene, the sunrises and sunsets like none you have ever seen before. The island of Maui has a coast that is lined with gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise colored waters.

Maui Hawaii Surfing

There are numerous sports and activities that you can take part in when you are in Hawaii on the island of Maui, but Maui Hawaii surfing is one of the most popular options of all.

Learning How to Surf

Now that you know where to go, you are going to want to learn how to surf so that you do not look like an idiot out on the water. Maui Hawaii surfing is really not all that difficult to get the hang of, as long as you are in good shape and have patience.

The first thing you should do when learning about Maui Hawaii surfing is mark the balance point on your board. To do this you want to lie on your board and then make a mark right at your chin, as this will be a reference point that you can use so you will know where to put your chin on the board every time when you are out on the water. This is important for beginners but many pros still stand by this tip even when they are experienced surfers.

Standing on the board is one of the most difficult parts of learning about Maui Hawaii surfing. It may take you a couple or a couple dozen times even to just get up on your feet for more than a few seconds and ride on your board in the water. You want to lie on your chest, with your chin at the marked balance point, and then put your hands on the board beside your shoulders, palms down on the board.

Push your upper body up and sweep your feet under you at the same time, and, making sure that your feet are solid on the stringer, you want to come up almost to a standing position but staying low enough that you will be well balanced. If you try to stand up straight on the board you will fall down because you have no structure and no balance. One of the best tips is to always keep your head up and look straight rather than down at your feet because this will cause you to fall.

Understanding a Map of Hawaii

Although looking at a map of Hawaii for your first time may be a bit confusing, if you learn more about the state and the islands and about where everything is located, it will quickly become much more understandable.

The Islands

The first step to understanding a map of Hawaii is learning about the different major islands. This includes Big Island which is otherwise known as Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu.

Hawaii, or the Big Island, is referred to as this because it is twice the combined size of the other islands. It offers a wide variety of plant, marine and animal life, and is by far the most popular tourist destination of all the islands. As with most of the other Hawaiian Islands the Big Island has only two seasons, summer and winter.

This is the most important island to be aware of with a map of Hawaii, as all the other islands surround it.

Kauai is the oldest of Hawaii’s major islands and is also known as the Garden Isle or the Eden of Hawaii. Then there is the island of Lanai, which is considered as being Hawaii’s most enticing island and which is isolated by legends and history. Maui is one of the most splendid islands of Hawaii, and this splendor more than anything lies in the diversity of the land and the people.

There is also the island of Molokai which is the island that truly cherishes a history of isolation and a sense of remoteness. Finally Oahu, which is known as the gathering place and which is considered as being one of America’s most exotic cities.

Hotels and Lodges

If you are planning on visiting the state of Hawaii you are also going to want to be able to determine hotels on a map of Hawaii. On a typical map of Hawaii a hotel or other lodging will be marked either with a symbol of a home or of a bed. This is something which will be especially important for you to be aware of if you have never traveled to Hawaii before because the last thing you want is to get lost and take away from your time there.

Hawaii is easily one of the most wondrous and breathtaking locations in the world, one that is perfect for romance and kindred spirits. If you have never been there before you should definitely make a point to visit in the near future.

What Is In Kona Hawaii?

Kona Hawaii is a small part of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is actually on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The word Kona means leeward in Hawaiian. Kona Hawaii is divided into two parts, namely Kailu-Kona and Kohala District. This part of the Hawaiian Islands enjoys little rain and much of the summer sun year round due to the high mountains that block the winds. This makes for great weather all year long. Kona Hawaii is well known for great fishing and the famous Kona coffee.

Activities In Kona Hawaii

It is not only for coffee that people visit Kona Hawaii; the World Championship for the Ironman Triathlon is held there and so is the Hawaiian Billfish International Tournament. Both activities ensure that Kona Hawaii enjoy many tourists and visitors several times in a year. There are also many souvenir shops as well as curio shops all over Kona. These shops sell their wares at reasonable prices and you can definitely find a souvenir or a gift for the people back home.

Kona Coffee

Kona Hawaii is home to world famous coffee beans. The coffee plantations are probably the main reason why Kona Hawaii is world famous. Kona coffee is said to be delicious and uniquely different because the coffee plants here enjoy sunshine almost whole year round but are planted in elevated areas that can be chilly most of the time. The combination of elevation, chill, year round sunshine and good soil are the factors that make Kona coffee one of the best coffee beans in the world. Coffee plantations can be found in the southern part of Kona Hawaii. There are also some tours of the bigger coffee plantations as well as coffee sampling.

Water Activities At Kona Hawaii

South of Kona Hawaii, you can find the best dive and snorkeling spots in the entire Hawaiian Islands. Spinner dolphins and green sea turtles are often seen frolicking in the waters here. Uniquely found in Kona Hawaii is the olive green sands of South Point and the black volcanic sands of Punalu'u. Fishing is exemplary in Kona and the International Billfish tournament is testimony to this. This happens during the season when the fish are abundant in the area.

Kona Hawaii is definitely on of the great places to visit when in Hawaii. It is also very accessible and you will have no problems getting along with the people in Hawaii since they are generally very welcoming and accommodating.

A Quick History Of Hawaii

These islands were most likely discovered by Polynesians who were traveling in their double hulled outrigger canoes from Tahiti around 500 A.D. They brought with them animals that included pigs, dogs, and chickens as well as sweet potatoes, coconut, banana, and sugarcane.

In 1778 British Captain James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands and named them Sandwich Islands after Britian's Earl of Sandwich. The irony here is that Captain Cook was actually looking for the Northwest Passage between Alaska and Asia. The history of Hawaii shows that Captain Cook was later killed in a dispute with local natives in 1779.


In 1789 the first Chinese arrived in the islands after jumping their ship to avoid slave like conditions.

King Kamehameha the Great

The actual history of Hawaii, with all the islands united into one kingdom, began in 1810 when King Kamehameha the Great proclaimed it to be true. Until 1816, the chiefs of the various islands considered themselves under British protection and therefore flew the Union Jack flag.


Economically the pineapple has always been king in the history of Hawaii. The first pineapple plants were first imported in 1813 from Spain. By the early 1960s, Hawaiian pineapple growers were supplying over 80% of the world's pineapple.


In 1817 coffee was first planted in the Hawaiian Islands. By 1910, 80% of Kona's coffee farmers are comprised of Japanese. In 1914 World War I began and the world demand for coffee skyrocketed because coffee kept the troops awake.


In 1885 the sugar plantations imported workers from Japan for the first time. Later on in the history of Hawaii, on December 7, 1941 Japan pulled a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and triggers the United States entry into World War II.

Ironically today a large percentage of Hawaii's population is Japanese. Today people who vacation in Hawaii are part of Hawaii's biggest business, which is tourism. Again ironically, a majority of these tourists visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

United States

The brightest moment in the history of Hawaii occurred in 1898 when Hawaii was annexed to the United States. Up until then, Hawaii was an independent sovereign state, recognized by the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany, all of whom exchanged ambassadors. Then in 1900 Hawaii became a United States territory; finally, in 1959, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill which allowed for statehood. In the subsequent election Hawaii formally became a state when 94% of the voters voted for statehood.

History of Hawaii's People

There was no such thing as writing in the early part of the history of Hawaii; everything instead was recorded in chants and legends. Unfortunately, most of this history has disappeared with the deaths of the big kahunas.