Weather in Hawaii, is it Perfect?

Many people around the world question whether the weather in Hawaii is perfect. Having been there myself, I can only say that it about as close to perfect as you will find. The weather in Hawaii generally hovers around eighty degrees during the day and dips down to around seventy at night. This is true in both the winter and the summer. Because of Hawaii’s tropical location in the middle of the ocean, the weather is very predictable and mild. Only very rarely will storms come in and disrupt this island paradise.

Weather in Hawaii at Night

Nights in Hawaii are very mild and offer some of the best views of the stars in the world. Because it is so remote there is very little background light to drown out the stars. Sitting on the beach at night with a nice glass of wine, one can fully take appreciate the weather in Hawaii. A nice basket for a picnic, maybe a radio, and the company of a loved one can make this experience complete. You do not have to take my word for it, simply go online and find the forecast for the upcoming week, month, whatever and you will be amazed at the predictability and perfection of the weather in Hawaii. There simply is no place else in the world that has the consistently nice weather that you can find in Hawaii. If you want, you can also look for forums with people talking about weather and you will always see Hawaii listed at the top. The only way to truly experience the weather in Hawaii is to go there. Do not bring pants, unless you really want to, as you will not need them. The best thing about the weather in Hawaii is how predictable it is. You can literally set your watch as to when it will rain. Sunsets are gorgeous and seem to go on forever as the Sun slowly dips into the ocean. Get a ticket and go there yourself to truly experience perfect weather. Flights leave daily from the continental United States and are surprisingly affordable. Once there, go straight to the beach and bask in the warmth that is weather in Hawaii. I have been many times and every time I am still impressed at how truly nice the weather is. Nothing on this planet comes close. As a matter of fact, I am planning my next trip right now to go out and enjoy the perfect weather in Hawaii.

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