Stay in Maui

The best areas to stay in Maui

Lodge in Maui

The most popular area for tourism is the western part of the island of Maui, which at the same time concentrates the vast majority of the hotel offer available. From our point of view, the best place to stay in Maui is in Lahaina, since it is the largest urban center on the island and also has great appeal. Another highly recommended place is Kihei, south of Lahaina and with an impressive coastline, beautiful beaches and a lot of resorts to stay. Very close to Kihei, further south there is another favorite place for tourists, Wailea, which is another very interesting area to sleep.

If you are going to make a long stay in Maui, it is sometimes advisable to change the city, to be able to move to the points of interest with greater comfort and speed. In this case, it is advisable that many tourists choose to stay in Wailuku (near Iao Valley) or in Kahului, where the airport is located.

Hawaii bans sunscreens with chemicals that damage corals

Hawaii Governor David Ige on Tuesday passed a law banning the sale of sunscreen creams containing two chemicals believed to harm coral reefs.

The measure, which will take effect in 2021, makes Hawaii the first state in the United States to approve a ban on oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate.

Scientists have found that both substances can be toxic to coral, which is a vital part of the ocean ecosystem and a popular attraction for tourists.

Instead, consumers will have to buy sunscreens that do not contain such chemical compounds.

Opponents argue that there are not enough scientific studies to support the claim that chemicals harm coral reefs.

The Retail Merchants Group of Hawaii says it is concerned that the ban will discourage people from buying sunscreens in traditional stores.

Kapalua Bay

This beach of golden sand and calm waters is really a paradisiacal place that you should not miss when you come to Hawaii.

It has a calm swell, which makes it a good space in which to go snorkeling or swimming relaxed. It is also an ideal place to spend a lovely afternoon with the family enjoying the sea and the sun.