What Is In Kona Hawaii?

Kona Hawaii is a small part of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is actually on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The word Kona means leeward in Hawaiian. Kona Hawaii is divided into two parts, namely Kailu-Kona and Kohala District. This part of the Hawaiian Islands enjoys little rain and much of the summer sun year round due to the high mountains that block the winds. This makes for great weather all year long. Kona Hawaii is well known for great fishing and the famous Kona coffee.

Activities In Kona Hawaii

It is not only for coffee that people visit Kona Hawaii; the World Championship for the Ironman Triathlon is held there and so is the Hawaiian Billfish International Tournament. Both activities ensure that Kona Hawaii enjoy many tourists and visitors several times in a year. There are also many souvenir shops as well as curio shops all over Kona. These shops sell their wares at reasonable prices and you can definitely find a souvenir or a gift for the people back home.

Kona Coffee

Kona Hawaii is home to world famous coffee beans. The coffee plantations are probably the main reason why Kona Hawaii is world famous. Kona coffee is said to be delicious and uniquely different because the coffee plants here enjoy sunshine almost whole year round but are planted in elevated areas that can be chilly most of the time. The combination of elevation, chill, year round sunshine and good soil are the factors that make Kona coffee one of the best coffee beans in the world. Coffee plantations can be found in the southern part of Kona Hawaii. There are also some tours of the bigger coffee plantations as well as coffee sampling.

Water Activities At Kona Hawaii

South of Kona Hawaii, you can find the best dive and snorkeling spots in the entire Hawaiian Islands. Spinner dolphins and green sea turtles are often seen frolicking in the waters here. Uniquely found in Kona Hawaii is the olive green sands of South Point and the black volcanic sands of Punalu'u. Fishing is exemplary in Kona and the International Billfish tournament is testimony to this. This happens during the season when the fish are abundant in the area.

Kona Hawaii is definitely on of the great places to visit when in Hawaii. It is also very accessible and you will have no problems getting along with the people in Hawaii since they are generally very welcoming and accommodating.

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