Campuses Of The University Of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii offers a world class educational experience with all the advantages of island life. Uniquely positioned between the continental United States and the Asia Pacific islands, the student body of the University of Hawaii is diverse and international.


Students who decide to matriculate at the University of Hawaii can choose from ten different locations when deciding which campus to attend.

*Manoa is located just above Waikiki. This is the University of Hawaii's oldest campus and the largest one. Students may pursue undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Athletes may be most interested in the Manoa campus, because their NCAA Division I athletic program is nationally ranked.

*The West Oahu campus has the lowest university tuition of all the University of Hawaii campuses. Students who are paying their own way through college will appreciate this, as they will have fewer student loans to pay off after graduation. This is a great campus for non-traditional students who are starting college later in life, or who are going to college while working full time. Many online courses are available during the day, evening, and weekends. A new campus in Kapolei is scheduled to open next year.

*Honolulu has facilities for programs in the fields of aeronautic, marine, automotive, and heavy equipment studies.

*Kauai offers courses in fields of study in such areas of study as business, hospitality, health, early childhood education, and liberal arts. This campus is a primary resource for island visitors who wish to visit the University of Hawaii.

*Maui is located on three islands! This community college has education centers on Hana, Lanai, and Molokai.

*The Hilo campus of the University of Hawaii is a natural place to study volcanoes and oceans. Students can choose from undergraduate and masters degree programs in these fields of study.

*Hawaii campus, located in Hilo, is a community college offering more than 30 different non-credit, certificate, and degree programs in vocational specialties and trades.

*Kapiolani, located near Waikiki on the slopes of Diamond Head, is the largest community college in the University of Hawaii system. Programs offered include business, hospitality, and arts and sciences.

*The Leeward community college overlooks Pearl Harbor and has an education center that also serves the Waianae area.

*Windward community college is located at the base of the Koolau mountains in Kaneohe. This college specializes in creative arts, and artists, musicians and other creative types will find an academic home at Windward.

With these ten campuses, the University of Hawaii offers something for everyone.

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