The weather in Hawaii.

The micro-climates of Hawaii

It is important to highlight the multiplicity of micro-climates that can be found on this island. In fact, it is considered one of the places in the world with more micro-climates, that's why the flora and fauna of this island are so interesting.

These micro-climates have been the result of the effects of volcanoes, since with their various eruptions have generated many differences in altitude in the terrain, which leads to tectonic and climatic variations. Thanks to this, when you visit Hawaii you will find tropical climate as well as the cold high mountain climate, the desert climate as well as the typical Caribbean climate. All this condensing in a reduced distance, which makes the experience even more amazing.

Travel to Hawaii from January to March

During this time it is possible to travel to Hawaii without any problem, because as we have told you, there is no very abrupt climate change. The average temperatures in winter stay within the range that goes from 20ºC to 27ºC. However, at night they tend to descend a lot, so we recommend you take a coat with you to face the 10ºC that characterize Hawaiian nights without losing its brightness.

Traveling from January to March to Hawaii can be ideal, since the low season the islands are more empty and the prices are also more accessible. Anyway, in winter there is also a month of high season (December) and if you choose these dates it is difficult to find good prices, while you will meet many tourists who choose the islands to spend their Christmas holidays. In fact, among Americans it has become a very popular destination in this time because the climate is much more pleasant than in other places in the US.

Another thing to keep in mind if you travel to Hawaii in winter is that it is extremely normal for it to rain. However, the most common is that rainfall occurs only in the mountains or valleys that border the mountains; so it will not be a problem if you're looking to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii.

Travel to Hawaii from April to June

If you go to Hawaii as of May you will not have any weather problems, since, precisely during this time of year is when the summer begins in the archipelago. In addition, both in May and April and June it may be ideal to travel to Hawaii because the rainiest season on the island has just ended, leaving behind a landscape that smells green and colors, embellishing the whole island.

Traveling during this time to Hawaii will allow you to enjoy the purest summer of the island at lower prices, since we are still in the low season: you will not find many tourists hanging around the islands (especially in May and April) which It will allow you to travel calmly, tranquilly and intimately throughout the archipelago. What does it sound tempting?

Travel to Hawaii from July to September

Actually, summer is the best time to travel to Hawaii. It is a time when you can enjoy the tropical climate a lot, as well as take walks around the different islands. You should know that although on the coast the climate is dry and there is no rainfall, there are usually some rains in the mountains. With regard to temperature, the Hawaiian summer is characterized by staying within the range that goes from 24ºC to 31ºC. And although at nightfall the temperature drops a little, there is not much difference between day and night.

July, August and September in Hawaii are wonderful months to enjoy all the benefits this destination offers you. While you should know that you will find yourself in the peak season, which means: more people on the streets and more expensive products and services. Anyway, if you travel in September you may find some interesting offer.

If you travel to Hawaii wanting to enjoy the sun, the heat and the night party, the months for your trip are July and August. In this season there are plenty of night parties on the beach, conducive to have fun with friends while enjoying the beauty of a good bath in the light of the moon.

Travel to Hawaii from October to December

If you are going to travel to Hawaii from October to December, you can enjoy the quietest and most intimate time of the island. From October to November the weather is really nice, it is not cold and you can bathe in peace; In fact it is a fantastic time to enjoy the sea because it is not as hot as in summer. In addition, as these months are within the low season, the costs of travel and stay will be much lower than in other periods.

If you travel to Hawaii in the fall you will also know, with much more depth, the people of the island and the island in general, since there will be less mass tourism and you will have more chances to chat with the locals.

The best time to travel to Hawaii

Due to the few variations that the climate of Hawaii undergoes throughout the year, any moment is good to visit it. However, depending on what we wish to see and enjoy in this destination, it would be convenient to opt for one or another moment. Also keep in mind that if you travel in the low season you can take advantage of the numerous offers that exist for tourists in this period.

If you travel with the objective of traveling through every corner of the archipelago, doing it from mid-April to early June (in the spring) can be an excellent decision. In this period the temperatures will be pleasant and will allow you to walk without suffering the heat.

If your goal is only to enjoy the tourist life that the archipelago offers, the best season to visit Hawaii is the summer (July and August): you will find a large number of travelers and you can enjoy the beach during the day and the wonderful parties that They take place in Hawaii at night.

Maui Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport is a regional airport in Hawaii, located east of the Kahului on the island of Maui.

Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii

Maui is the second largest island in the archipelago of Hawaii. The other five main islands are Oahu, home to the capital Honolulu, the big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai.

Maui is the island ready for all types of tourism activities. You can enjoy sea activities such as diving, snorkeling, whale watching or widsurf or activities in national parks and forest reserves such as horseback riding, hiking or biking.

The main resorts and beach destinations are found in populations Waliea and Lahaina. Other locations near the beach where you can stay in Maui are Kapalua, Paia and Kihei.

Best hotels & resorts

5 Star Hotels
Four Seasons Resort - Wailea
Ritz-Carlton - Kapalua

4 Star Hotels
Honua Kai Resort & Spa - Lahaina
Hotel Wailea - Wailea

3 Star Hotels
Paia Inn Hotel - Paia
Aston Mahana at Kaanapali - Lahaina
Alii Kananapali - Lahaina
The Mahana at Kaanapali Resort - Lahaina
Maui Coast Hotel - Kihei
Maui Fairmont Kea laui - Wailea